Hideawaybahamas sandy beach is one of Grand Bahama Island’s premier locations for bone fishing.

Do contact Chris or Samantha, they will book fishing trips for you,  also the Tipsy Turtle will happily cook your catch at The Tipsy Turtle Bar and Grill.

Below is a partial review written by a professional fisherman who visits Hideawaybahamas at least twice a year:
“Hideawaybahamas beach is ideally situated in the middle of the islands south coast with great fishing in its back garden and access to the all the best fishing along the south coast between the Lucayan Waterway and McLean’s town within 40 minute’s drive on good concrete roads with very little traffic. In the event of a strong southerly wind making spotting fish or casting difficult on the south coast, Hideaway is about 10 minutes by road and 15 minutes across the island on a small track which takes to the North side with calm shallow waters which offers great fishing.

“Fishing from Hideawaybahamas beach anglers must be aware of the tides and time of the day. Use the rising sun to spot fish walking West with the sun behind you on the large sand flats one mile to the north or south of Hideaway or high tide to spot fish feeding close to the shoreline in sand channels and on rocky points. Use the low tide immediately behind Hideaway to wade out and cast onto the sand bars between the two blue holes, (These blue holes will also produce Snapper species big enough for a banquet if you can land them!). Big Bonefish await you all around Hideawaybahamas Beach with no need for a boat, guide or expensive all inclusive package”.

Also Snapper, yellow tails and grunts including lobster in season are readily found.

Hideaway is closed due to the hurricane