Bonefishing At The Bahamas

Bonefishing is an outdoor sport or activity where fishers aim to catch a particular type of fish called a bonefish. Those who are amateurs or beginners at bonefishing would be better at it if they hire an experienced guide. This kind of fish is found in clear tropical waters and backwater areas, especially near mangroves. They vary in size and are very popular sportfish especially in the Florida Keys and the Bahamas.

This kind of fishing is done in different ways. Once you find them and are able to lure them to a baited hook or artificially, you will usually be successful in enticing them towards it. The most well-known method is to use a pole boat while searching around for the fish. This is achieved by using a good pair of polarized glasses and a long pole. The guide often stands on a platform above the boat and uses the pole to push the boat along in the water. Bonefish prefer live bait, but they can be caught in other ways as well. One of the best ways of catching bait is artificial lures. Fly fishing methods are also suitable for anglers during bonefishing because fly lures enter the water gently and do not scare away the fish.

This sport becomes an addiction after some time of regular fishing and bonefishing in the Bahamas Out Islands is the best place on the globe to feed it. This outdoor activity brings together the skills and refinement like no other form of fishing. The fisherman must use stealth to spot the fish before making a well-positioned lure or bait that presents it without spooking or frightening the fish. Los Roques, California has been voted as the numero uno fishing destination in the world.

Some bonefishing experts believe that an experienced bonefisher won’t do any great harm using hooks but most agree that there is no reason to use them. You won’t catch more fish and will find it harder to release the fish safely and speedily. Most bonefishing guides insist that all their clients use only de-barbed hooks when fishing for bonefish on holidays. Playing a bonefish with bait will often attract the attention of sharks. If you see one approaching, immediately lower your rod and pull for a stop or break. If you do not wish to cause any damage to the fish, it is best to unhook and release the fish without leaving the water. To keep the fish calm during unhooking, you should turn it on its back and it will stop struggling.

Never lift or weigh a bonefish by the mouth or the gills. Also, never use a lip gripping device to lift or weigh a bonefish or its mouth will be permanently damaged, punishing it to a slow death by starvation. You can measure the weight of a fish with tape without removing it from the water. Many times, while casting for bonefish you will get strikes and other species such as needle-fish and small barracuda which have very sharp teeth which will sometimes slash at the fly line.

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